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Traditional Penning
The MEATSPEED ‘Traditional’ is a solid floor version of our popular fully slatted 'Classic'. It is intended for those producers who prefer to house their finishing pigs on straw, whether because of contract conditions or as simply a matter of personal preference, and who also have a ready supply of straw. Our MEATSPEED ‘Traditional’ provides a first class response to such producers’ requirements. It combines the performance generated by a carefully designed and well insulated building coupled with the use of a highly efficient SKOV ventilation system. In addition a low energy LED strip lighting system is included, with an option for Agrilamp dimmable LED lighting, and also enjoys the improved daily gain and lower feed wastage of Crystal Spring feeders.
This high performance achieved by the MEATSPEED ‘Traditional’ presents an ideal choice for those producers who opt for this type of production system. It can readily match the output efficiency of fully slatted systems and is in no way compromised by the use of straw bedding.
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