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Traditionally the provision of straw in finishing buildings as a
bedding material has provided the added benefit of making the best of
inferior temperature control in poorly or un-insulated piggeries.
The improvement of adding some environmental control, typically
ACNV,(automatically controlled natural ventilation) has proved
popular, with many curtain sided, scrape through piggeries being
We are now taking things a step further. Examination of performance
figures, where available, has led to the emergence of an intriguing
fact. The performance of the pig is NOT governed by the flooring type
it lives on, solid or slats, but by the environment it lives in.
Identical environmental control above ground level gives identical
performance, given similar pigs.
The provision of straw in solid floor buildings can now be regarded as
a binder for dung, for pen enrichment and is no longer required for
thermal comfort.
Fully insulated, Skov ventilated building shells with draught proof
roller shutter doors give straw based and slatted buildings like for
like performance- and the difference between ACNV and Skov ventilated
finishing houses is £3.50 / £4.50 per pig produced.

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