Pig And Poultry Fair 2016 - AM Warkup Ltd

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Pig & Poultry Fair 2016.

Our 2016 Pig & Poultry Fair exhibit once again  created an ideal opportunity to meet customers old and new. We experienced a  continuing interest in the deployment of building design and technology to  improve and maintain high productivity levels as the industry comes under  increasing economic pressure.

Environmental concerns were also a topic of  considerable interest to many of our visitors and we were able to identify many  areas where we can address many of the challenges facing producers. SKOV  ventilation, LED lighting, and our well established, market leading insulation  techniques (which are all constantly monitored for potential improvement) were  all of great interest. Research into the deployment of EPI Air to improve  housing climate and potential health benefits were also on display and created  much debate.

Warkup KITBUILD attracted a lot of attention at the show.  “We have always supplied customers with the means to carry out their own  building work” commented Warkup MD Allan Mason “but our decision to promote and  brand the service as KITBUILD proved a real eye-opener and introduced us to many  producers who had been unaware of the facility. It generated a lot of  enquiries”.

For further information please contact:-
Andy Hall
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Nick MacIvor
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