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“Professional” is a much used word but not always correctly.
For more than 50 years A M Warkup have been developing and refining their skills in providing buildings and equipment for the pig industry. In some instances our most loyal customers have been with us for two and even three generations. We are not sentimentalists and nor are these professional pig farmers. We realise that if we do not give satisfaction each and every time then even loyal customers will seek it elsewhere. From the initial contact to completion, every aspect is weighed against long experience and realistic targets are set, agreed and, most importantly, met. We understand that once set, meeting targets is vital, particularly where livestock is involved. This short paragraph is about our promise to give each of our many customers new and old, present and future the ‘Warkup Experience’. You can read about our wide range of standard buildings and innovative designs on the website. For service please contact us as professional to professional.

For further information please contact:-
Andy Hall
Tel 01262 468666
Nick MacIvor
Tel 07836 713727

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