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AM Warkup MEATSPEED Family

The first MEATSPEED finishing house was originally developed as a response to the inability of conventional housing of the time to exploit the growth potential created by rapid advances in pig genetics. The MEATSPEED quickly became the finishing house of choice for those farmers using advanced hybrid females such as the Manor Hybrid. The combination of highly effective insulation, sophisticated ventilation and feeding systems harnessed the superb growth rate and feed conversion of these highly performing animals. Together they created standards of productivity hitherto unseen in the pig industry.
Today, it is fitting therefore that our current range of finishing buildings carry that same name. They inherit the reputation for excellence without compromise synonymous with the MEATSPEED name and offer today’s pig producers the possibility of taking their business forward and responding positively to the opportunities created by the challenges of the future.
Unparalleled Warkup build quality, Skov ventilation, LED lighting and Crystal Spring feeders create a uniquely efficient housing package across the complete range of MEATSPEED houses. This package enables optimum throughput under most production systems and all in the range are fully deserving of the MEATSPEED name.

For further information please contact:-
Andy Hall
Tel 01262 468666
Nick MacIvor
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