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LED Lighting
Agrilamp ᵀᴹ is a leading manufacturer of the world's most innovative agricultural LED lighting sollutions. Our products combine state-of-the-art lighting technology with integrated design to deliver powerful systems that are affordable and easy to use. The company’s most recent highly developed and successful Agrilamp ᵀᴹ bulb range is specifically light optimized for the pig industry.
Agrilamp ᵀᴹ is a leading LED manufacturer with years of experience in designing and manufacturing the world’s most innovative LED lighting solutions for the agricultural industry.
The company’s patent pending bulbs, marketed under the name Agrilamp ᵀᴹ, have been providing significant cost savings by reducing lighting related energy consumption by up to 90%.
Agrilamp ᵀᴹ has been firmly established in the poultry industry for many years, having worked closely with the UK’s leading producers. Following the success of the poultry-specific LED lighting, Agrilamp ᵀᴹ has introduced to the market the most recent LED lighting solutions designed for the Pig industry. Following years of research Agrilamp ᵀᴹ has developed and launched on the market LED lighting range specifically designed and optimised to help improve farming. The Agrilamp ᵀᴹ products are already hugely successful and have become some of the leading products available through a combination of price, light quality, longevity and low maintenance requirements. Large scale use is now a reality with major distributors, A.M.Warkup, paving the way for a multitude of smaller producers. Agrilamp ᵀᴹ continues to be involved in knowledge transfer programs and trials to perfect and keep improving the lighting regimes for the pig industry.
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