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We can rely on Warkup's.

Martyn Sanderson has 700 breeding sows, producing gilts under contract for PIC, at his premises in North Yorkshire. He houses them in an arrangement of converted, renovated and re-purposed structures. These range from pre-Victorian era brick farm outhouses, a steel portal frame building and other renovated farm buildings. All the work has been done by Martyn and his local builder over a period of years using equipment, bonded panels, lighting, plumbing and ventilation systems supplied by AM Warkup.

“My family have a long standing working relationship with Warkup’s going back many years” says Martyn “and know we can rely on them. Not only for the supply of the materials but also for their impartial advice. We can draw on their knowledge and experience and they also keep us abreast of the latest developments and technology. We have, occasionally, been in some pretty tight situations and the Warkup team have always responded speedily. They have helped us to achieve our housing aims on time and in good order to prevent disruption to our production cycle”.

Martyn Sanderson

For further information please contact:-
Andy Hall
Tel 01262 468666
Nick MacIvor
Tel 07836 713727

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