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Let us explain.
The requirement for buildings to grow pigs has not changed in the last fifty years but the problem was one of diminishing returns. By that we mean that once a building was commissioned it began to age and the experience was one of gradually falling performance over the building’s design life. Regular maintenance slowed the rate of fall off but never the less it has historically been an issue. The use exclusively of framed and laminated construction throughout with high performance hard wearing surfaces has now resulted in lifetime stable thermal performance of the shell. The internal environment is similarly maintained with SKOV ventilation which, given regular maintenance likewise, guarantees stable, unchanging conditions for growth. These two elements combined allow the increasing genetic potential of the animals housed to be fully expressed without let or hindrance. Other variations such as stocking rates, feed type and quality and health status may be limiting factors but the Warkup building is designed and engineered to allow full reign to the pig’s potential and will continue to do so throughout the buildings life.
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