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First class start.
Farrowing buildings that won’t hold back your pigs.
The design of Warkup farrowing buildings can be divided into two parts, firstly basic features and secondly technology. Both contribute to making the delivery of increasing numbers of piglets simple and effective.
Fully slatted flooring, with integrated heat pads run by electric or hot water, has proved to be of major benefit. It separates the young from their dung and makes for easy cleaning at the end of batch. The slats below the sow can be of cast iron with the rest polypropylene both from Ikadan. The heat pads provide comfortable lying areas away from the sow when piglets are not feeding. The provision of creep lids is not standard as the warm draught free internal conditions created by a combination of high levels of building insulation and Skov ventilation makes the added ‘clutter’ of lids of very marginal value. The A M Warkup floating rail farrowing crate is our standard and has been for many years. The overlying protection combined with un-hindered teat presentation makes for a tried and tested winner and the stainless steel trough in divided or undivided versions handles both wet and dry feed.  Piglet and sow drinkers are fitted with an optional flush valve for extra water to the sow.  Automatic feed systems are recommended for all but the smallest installations.
Recently we have been able to offer the Gestal Solo sow feeder which reduces the human to a bemused onlooker whilst this uniquely clever system allows the sow to regulate the frequency and amount it eats with no waste. Higher weaning weights, no loss of sow condition, quicker return to service and higher subsequent birth weights are claims now proven. The elimination of waste gives the illusion that you get more growth for less feed and tells us just exactly how much feed waste there can be in the best regulated farrowing systems.
The benefits of thorough cleaning between each batch of pigs are doubly important in the farrowing house. Easy clean surfaces, white full height GRP lined walls, slatted floors and PVC crate surrounds combined with a computer controlled post batch soaking system make this essential task easier and more effective.
If you are someone interested in giving your pigs the right start contact A M Warkup Ltd and speak to a member of staff who will advise on accessing Warkup service and expertise.

For further information please contact:-
Andy Hall
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Nick MacIvor
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