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First class growth - nursery buildings.

Following the start in the farrowing house it is vital to establish good early growth in the weaned pig. No housing system will grow pigs of its self but the Warkup wean to 40 kg Nursery provides an essential background tool for the stockman to practice his craft. A mixture of high insulation levels and world class ventilation provide conditions which allow other growth factors such as genetics, feed and health status to fully influence performance. Easy to clean surfaces and simplicity of detail encourages thorough cleaning and subsequently no drop off in performance over time. The Warkup Nursery is the essential middle stage for maximum performance from your pigs.
For further information contact AM Warkup Ltd and speak to a member of staff who will advise on accessing Warkup's service and expertise.

For further information please contact:-
Andy Hall
Tel 01262 468666
Nick MacIvor
Tel 07836 713727

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