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At The Centre of a Healthy food Chain.
Pigs 2022 presented the industry with plenty to think about. Among these was the results of a study by AHDB into the efficacy of Electrostatic Particle Ionization (EPI) when used within pig buildings. An 80% reduction in EP lung lesions was found. It is thought that this is variously attributable to the reduction in airborne dust, bacteria and gasses. It follows that this will lead to generally healthier pigs and they will therefore require less antibiotics.
There was also dramatic visual evidence of the lack of dust in the atmosphere. It was ‘stuck’, electronically speaking, to the walls and equipment within the piggery. This was easily disposed of at routine end of batch cleaning.
The economic implications of the above are significant, and in addition there are other advantages. EPI Air creates a better, healthier atmosphere for not only the animal but also for those working with them.
Consumer preferences continue to bear on retailers and their suppliers. Consumers are becoming ardent ‘label readers’ and want to know, not only the provenance of the food products they are purchasing, but that the conditions under which animals are reared meet high standards of health and welfare. EPI Air will be able to play an increasing role in helping producers meet such exacting customer requirements which will, ultimately, become the norm.
Concern for the health of our pigs is not simply a matter of on-farm economics. As Professor Patrick Wall of University College Dublin told delegates at Pigs 2022, “You are in the human health business”.

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