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Energy and energy saving are popular words. Unfortunately the first conjures an image of expense and the second a loss or reduction in performance if you practice it. In Pig World’s August 2015 Energy Supplement we highlight three items which are fitted within or are part of our construction and also save energy whilst making money.
Skov, Warkup’s ventilation providers, have developed a new range of highly efficient ventilation fans. These move greater volumes of air for less power and have a much closer relationship between power consumption and speed of operation.  A redesign of the fan blades has also greatly reduced the noise output at all speeds.
We are also offering the Agrilamp dimmable LED lighting system. Highly efficient, cool running with a spectrum much more suited to the pig, these long life virtually indestructible lamps have transformed what has sometimes been a problem area.  The system gives total flexibility of lighting pattern, easily altered by the customer, due to the unique ‘click on and use’ fixing method, whilst giving all the running cost savings of our standard 1.5m 25w LED fittings now supplied as standard in all Warkup buildings.
Our thermally efficient building shells come in two panel thicknesses, 70 and 90 mm plus the cladding to both sides. The wall panels and double clad roof insulation panels are surrounded by continuous peripheral frames. This ensures that the insulation is protected and prevents a drop off in thermal performance. ‘U’ values are 0.43 and 0.34 w/m² respectively.

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