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The majority of antibiotics used in animal production are not used to treat sick animals, but are used to treat unhealthy production systems.
New building performance boost is enjoyed universally by pigs during the initial occupation of newly constructed piggeries.
The buildings are clean, have low bug counts, and combined with overall new conditions, present no extra disease challenges to the pigs.
State of the art ventilation and optimum internal conditions are less likely to trigger any inherent diseases carried by them.
Impervious, easily cleaned walls and penning combined with auto pre-soaking systems allows a high level of cleanliness and disinfection to be practised. This maintains on-going new build performance.

Like most industries, when investment levels in new plant are maintained performance improves.
The added bonus here is that investment also boosts performance by reducing the incidence and impact of disease, and a reduction in anti-biotic use follows.

Our careful attention to design, proven build quality and the use of high quality materials enables you to maintain these original production and health advantages of your new building well into the future.

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