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Profile 6 is a high strength fibre cement corrugated roof sheet with polypropylene reinforcement strips inserted along precisely engineered locations that run along the length of the sheet. This provides maximum impact strength without affecting the durability of the product. Profile 6 has a very broad appeal. It is designed for roofs of 5° pitch and over and for vertical cladding in both single skin and insulated constructions. A comprehensive range of accessories are available and apart from the natural grey finish, sheets and accessories can be supplied in a wide range of colours. We can also supply profiled steel sheets with various profiles and colours to your specification.
Select your items from our catalogue below, add to your cart and send to us for a very competetive quotation on your refurb / kit build needs.
Fibre Cement Roof Sheets
Profile 6 high strength fibre cement corrugated roof sheet.
Fibre Cement Ridges
Profile 6 high strength fibre cement corrugated ridge sheet.

Fibre Cement Barges
Profile 6 high strength fibre cement corrugated cranked crown or straight barges.
Eaves Fillers
Foam or fibre cement eaves fillers.
6.3mm x 130mm timber fibre cement fixing screws including baz (sealer) self drilling.
Deep Flow PVC Guttering
Deep flow pvc guttering, buildings with large or steep roofs benefit greatly from the installation of deep flow gutters. The high flow rate and deep capacity enable the amount of downpipes to be kept to a minimum.
Fall Pipes
PVC Fall pipes to suit deep flow guttering system.
Gutter Brackets & Fittings
PVC Gutter brackets & fittings to suit deep flow guttering.
Fall Pipe Bracket
PVC Fall pipe bracket to suit downpipe fixing
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