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From Speed fit to Plasson, galvanised to stainless steel fittings etc, we have a fully comprehensive range of fittings and pipes etc. From individual components to fully specified installation systems we can help. From a simple replacement drinker or header tank, to a full soaking system or power wash line, we have a fully kitted out stores for your needs.
Select your items from our catalogue below, add to your cart and send to us for a very competetive quotation on your refurb / kit build needs.
Speedfit Pipe
The push fit solution for all types of plumbing installations.
Pipe Cutters
Specifically designed for clean cutting of all diameters of Speedfit pipework.
Speedfit Pipe Accessories
Speedfit pipe accessories and fittings.
Stainless Steel Pipe
Satinless steel water pipe.
Stainless Steel Pipe Accessories
Stainless steel plumbing pipe fittings and accessories.
Galvanised Steel Pipe
Galvanised steel water pipe.
Galvanised Steel Pipe Accessories
Galvanised plumbing pipe fittings and accessories.
Bib Tap
½" Brass fitting bib tap
Flow Rex Water Heating Control
Flow Rex valves for heat pad control in farrowing and nursery water heated flooring
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