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AM Warkup crates can be fitted with an option of galvanised or stainless steel troughs, split or non split for drinking facilities, all from our standard range. Should you have your own pattern of trough which has "seen its day" and need replacement, we can produce these for you in our workshop from any pattern you supply. Please feel free to call and discuss your requirements with us.
Select your items from our catalogue below, add to your cart and send to us for a very competetive quotation on your refurb / kit build needs.
AMW Farrowing Crate Feed / Water Troughs
Standard farrowing crate troughs in either galvanised or stainless steel with split water feature optional.
Limited availability
Gestal Feed Systems
Gestal effect, improving sow’s body condition and milking capacity by offering continuous meal during the day in order to increase sow’s daily feed intake.
Limited availability
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