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From a simple drinker replacement to a fully specified installation package or a stainless steel "River flow" drinker trough we have all the items you will need. We also supply bespoke drinking troughs should you have a specific requirement, simply give us a pattern and we can manufacture your item in our own workshop.
Select your items from our catalogue below, add to your cart and send to us for a very competetive quotation on your refurb / kit build needs.
Drinker Brackets
RRange of stainless steel and galvanised drinker brackets in varying angles for pipe drops and drinkers.
Full range of nipple & bite drinkers in stainless steel.
River Flow Drinking Troughs
Drinking troughs for Weaners, finishers & sows with float valve chambers. Available in either black steel, (Un galvanised), galvanised or stainless steel. All troughs include 1m stainless steel connection pipe.
Water Pipe Drops
Galvanised or stainless steel water pipes, plain, threaded one or both ends for use with drinking kits etc.
Water Tanks
Plastic construction water tanks and lids.
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