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AM Warkup MEATSPEED Family - Breeding

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Published by in Press release · 7 February 2017

The MEATSPEED family of breeding buildings employs the same principles as those applied to the MeatSpeed family of finishing buildings; optimum performance from energy efficient, animal friendly, easily managed housing. From service to weaning, the common theme is an uncompromising focus on quality and performance. We know that the earlier these attributes are incorporated into the production cycle, the more fundamentally unit performance can be influenced overall, thus allowing you to harness the full potential of high quality genetic inputs combined with tailored feeding regimes and careful, precise management skills.
Service, Gestation and Farrowing all offer a range of options which can be thoroughly discussed and fine tuned to your specific requirements and circumstances.
The MEATSPEED family of breeding buildings.


Your partners in pigs.

For further information please contact:-
Andy Hall
Tel 01262 468666
Nick MacIvor
Tel 07836 713727

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